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By carefully teaming opaline, frosted, pressed, iridescent, etched, gilded, cut and engraved glass shades of different styles, shapes, colours and sizes, we create contemporary vintage pendant compositions which celebrate the beauty of hand crafted French glass lamp shades of past eras.  

We try as much as possible to reuse original shade galleries and other reclaimed fittings, which are cleaned up ready for a new life. All electrical components however are new and answer to today's wiring standards. We aim to use only the most essential parts in order to show each delicate glass shade exactly as it is, uncovered by metal caps or other decorative fittings.

Components and flex are available in several colour finishes.​ We appreciate that everyone prefers a different type of light source and quality and so all our vintage lighting is supplied without bulbs.


Below you will find some pendant cluster proposals, which we can supply either complete with bulb holders and cable or, if you prefer to source your own electrical components, as glass shades only. We can also create custom configurations for which you can specify your personal choice of glass shades and send us a price request here

* US based clients: we can wire with fully UL certified components, please contact us with your requirements.

Bespoke Vintage
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