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" VINTAGE - denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something which represents the best of its kind."


A deep-rooted love for everything old and beautiful, a life-long passion for giving new life to the lost and the forgotten and a firm commitment to sustainable living and to re-using and re-inventing the beautiful items created in the past. These are the driving forces behind our Vintage Lighting Collection, for which we source genuine original, mainly French vintage and antique lighting as well as individual vintage glass lamp shades dating from the 1900s -1970s, all in excellent condition.


The French vintage lights we source are offered as original, thoroughly cleaned and checked pieces. In most cases, the existing wiring is still in good working order and the light will be supplied unaltered and in its original state (but we can re-wire for you at a surcharge). We do not try to conceal or touch up any blemishes for they are never detrimental to the beauty and aesthetics of the light as a whole and, in our opinion, form part of its story. The condition of each light is described in detail on its product page. To some degree, you should expect and accept: 

  • tiny bubbles or inclusions within the glass

  • scratching, dulling or yellowing of the glass surface 

  • uneven shape

  • small chips on shade collar (invisible under gallery)

  • tiny rust or other marks on metal parts

  • signs of wear to metal plating


We source genuine vintage and antique glass lamp shades of widely varying styles. Beautiful original pieces in pressed, moulded, etched, gilded, cut, marbled, painted or engraved glass, highly decorative and evocative of times past. The glass shades are available to purchase as single or multiple pieces - alternatively we can create pendant compositions for you. 



We re-invent the French vintage glass shades we source to create distinctly un-minimalist, deliciously nostalgic multi-pendant lighting. By carefully mixing and matching vintage glass shades of different eras, colours, shapes and styles, we compose chandeliers which are at once gloriously old-fashioned and highly contemporary. We also create bespoke installations, designed to suit your specific home or corporate interior space and style.