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Our collection of genuine original French vintage and antique glass lamp shades presents a glorious line-up of old-school lamp shade design in all its beauty. Forget modern minimalism - here's a celebration of old-fashioned glass lighting at its best. The list of lamp shades currently available is updated regularly, so do come back to check again.

These are genuine original old French glass shades in fine vintage condition throughout. Many show tiny marks on or within the glass, some degree of fading to gilded surface details and/or other faint signs of ageing. Minor imperfections which only enhance the shade's beauty. You must accept these characteristic blemishes for what they represent: a serving life throughout the decades since the early 1900's. These are true survivors, each with its own unique, at times slightly time-worn decorative intricacies and hand-made irregularities. We hope you love them as much as we do! 


We offer the shades as individual pieces to perhaps replace a broken or missing shade(s), create your own pendant light or to use as stylish, super romantic candle holders. Also have a look at our vintage pendant compositions created with shades you find here.
We can create custom pendant clusters and chandeliers to any size or composition for you. If you are looking for a certain shade style not available here, we can source it for you, so do contact us to request a price quote or call us with your ideas. If you find it difficult to imagine what any shade composition would look like, we will be happy to send you both lit and unlit visuals (charges apply). 


  • ​SK-212  (2 available)

  • 1970's moulded pressed glass

  • amber

  • 14cm height x 16cm diameter

  • ES27

  • perfect condition   


  • ​RB-246  (4 available) 

  • 1930's blown opaline glass 'verre de clichy'

  • hue of pink

  • 13cm height x 14cm diameter

  • ES14

  • excellent condition


  • ​SK-190

  • 1970's blown textured glass,

  • clear, pink

  • 18cm height x 15cm diameter

  • ES27

  • excellent condition (some irregularities in surface texture) 

  • ​PG-193

  • 1970's pressed glass

  • clear

  • 15cm height x 11cm diameter

  • ES27

  • excellent condition