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Within4Walls Ltd was founded in the UK back in 2005, when many businesses were sceptical about trading through the web and the first mind-blowing digitally printed lamps were presented to an awe-struck clientele. Our select, highly discerning lighting collection soon found recognition and together with our design partners we have since created and supplied custom designed feature lighting for clients worldwide.


As from 2020, the Within4Walls brand has been re-launched from our new base in France, offering you lighting which as always puts quality over quantity, individuality over mundanity and conservation over exploitation.
In the case of our CONTEMPORARY LIGHTING collection, we continue our long-standing collaboration with two partners whose lighting design remains exemplary and whose humble, unpretentious work is created with profound commitment and integrity.
Through our VINTAGE LIGHTING collection, we aim to preserve the beautiful lighting of past eras and, in a move to provide a more sustainable way of lighting our homes, put these nostalgic pieces in a contemporary new light. You will find some gorgeous, truly original, mainly French vintage lighting here! 

We work with private clients, architects and design consultants on residential, hospitality, office and public lighting projects all over the world and take pride in offering a highly dedicated personal service. Part of the lighting collection can be viewed and purchased at our base in France, where we offer boutique guest accommodation. 


Please do get in touch if you need further advice or wish to discuss any aspect of our lighting collection or services - we are only a phone call or email away.

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