All the lights you find here are genuine original, mainly French vintage and antique pieces dating from the early to late 20th-Century. Beautiful evocative old-school lighting of nostalgic and distinctly non-minimalist design, which fits effortlessly and perfectly in today's contemporary living spaces and adds instant warmth, style and old-fashioned glamour. 

Each decade of 20th-Century lighting presents a different style, from the classical ornate and dainty bijoux to the frugally simple and colourfully quirky. Many of the vintage lights we source may well have already served a few generations but, despite showing some degree of wear, they are all in great condition.

We test all the electrics and will rewire where necessary, but if found to be in good working order each vintage light is supplied with its existing wiring*. You may however prefer to have your light rewired to modern standards, which you could possibly do yourself or otherwise ask a qualified electrician to do for you. Alternatively we can provide a quote for rewiring. 

* We do not accept any liability for the safety of existing wiring. 

If you are looking for vintage lighting of a specific style or era let us know as we may well be able to source it for you. 
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