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We have partnered with some of the great past names in the world of contemporary lighting. MGX by Materialise, Freedom of Creation and Produzione Privata were just some of our world renowned  partners.  With great fondness we look  back at their extraordinary lighting objects which over the years have formed part of the Within4Walls Lighting Collection.

We still have some of these iconic pieces available for you today, please contact us.


The MGX collection of digitally printed lights, created in collaboration with renowned designers worldwide, was completely revolutionary. Nobody had ever used rapid prototyping technologies to design and create decorative lighting objects, but in the early 2000's some clever people caught on to the idea and had a go.The mind-blowing results took the world by storm. The lights brought a smile to our face and a feeling of pure wonder and magic to our sou, and many gained instant and very prestigious international awards.

We have worked with MGX from 2006 until 2016, when production very regrettably ceased. We still mourn the disappearance of these light jewels but, should you be interested, we still have a few last (ex-show) items available. 

They will no doubt become design icons of the early rapid prototyping design era.


The pioneering design and research company FOC was founded in 2000 by the Finnish designer Janne Kyttanen.
Freedom of Creation very much focused on 3D-printing technologies and over the years developed exciting new materials and software to create innovative industrial products. The company's products have been selected for permanent museum displays and have received numerous international design accolades. FOC's light objects have featured in the Within4Walls Collection for many years. Although production has now ceased, we still have a few pieces available - please contact us.


Michele De Lucchi's Produzione Privata consists of some of the most aesthetic light design ever created. The sublime design talents of this Italian master architect are applied to perfection in the private collection he started in 1990, for which he designed experimental objects with maximum freedom of expression. We cherish his magnificent award-winning work and have collaborated with Produzione Privata since 2006. We have several new and ex-show pieces in excellent condition available to special offer prices - please contact us.   

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