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You can send us a price or shipping enquiry using the forms on our website. Alternatively just email us if you need a price or delivery quote or call us if you wish to discuss an idea or have any queries. 
On acceptance of our quote, you will receive a pro forma invoice with all order and payment details. Please make your payment by bank transfer. 

For orders with a lead time of up to 6 weeks we require full payment at time of order.
For orders with a lead time longer than 6 weeks, or for items which are custom made specially for you, we require a 50% deposit payment at time of order with the remaining balance due before delivery.    

We will keep you updated and remain available to assist you throughout the order process. 



Within4Walls serve both private and professional clients and supply feature light installations for hospitality, office and residential projects worldwide. We will be delighted to assist you with your lighting requirements!

Much of the contemporary lighting in our collection can be created to bespoke sizes and adapted to your project's specific requirements. Chandeliers in particular are extremely flexible in design and allow beautifully for custom creations. Our PROJECTS page shows images of just a few of the contemporary projects we have been involved in over the years. 

As to our Vintage Lighting, we can create any size chandelier or multi-pendant installation according to your requirements, using the French vintage and antique glass shades we source. If you are in any way unsure about how this could work well in your project, we will be happy to provide visual and technical design proposals. 

Installation instructions are always provided with every light fixture and, as a rule, your own qualified electrician will be quite able to install any standard or custom made product we supply. However, for very complicated or exceptionally large pieces, we offer a full installation service for which we can quote if so required.

We do not offer trade accounts as such, but work on an individual enquiry basis with trade price reductions depending entirely on the product and project requirements involved. Please contact us with your query and we will get back to you promptly!




"Just want to thank you again for the great support. I got Shoal last week and it has already been installed. Thanks again, I have attached some pictures after installation."


"The Rain lights you supplied are fitted and look utterly fabulous. You were right to be confident about them - no regrets and worth every penny."
Exeter, UK 

"The electrician installed the (Quin) pendants and they look amazing! Thank you for your cooperation and kindness over the last few months. These lights make an ordinary kitchen something extraordinary!! Thank you for your support. I appreciate that although we are far away, you have treated us with the warmth and consideration as if we were face to face."
Florida, USA 

"Right now I am sitting in one of the (Finezza Lounge) chairs, and the more we are looking at them the more satisfied we are. Good design, you can feel the quality, and very comfortable. Thanks a lot!" 
Stockholm, Sweden 

"Thank you so much for sending the (Roast Chandelier) light in time. That was wonderful. Thank you again for great cooperation."
K. ZAHOROVA Producer 
Prague, Czech Republic 

"Yes, it's arrived. And it looks even better than on the pictures! The (Milk) desk is in perfect condition and I'd like to thank you for everything you've done to make it happen and for all your efforts in getting it shipped to me."
Maynooth, Kildare Co. Ireland 

"I thought your stand was the best thing at the (100% Design) show apart from some industrial poles - it was a pleasure to see something actually designed by a human rather than a machine. There seem to be so many products just driven by new technology and not by design. The counter to this were your laser sintered resin lights which I hope to purchase some time in the future."
S. SKOLNIK Fine Furniture Maker (and former Fischer-Z member) 
London, UK 

"Very many thanks for your help in sorting the damaged (Operetta) shade out - I'll definitely be a regular visitor to your site and will no doubt be back in the future to make the odd purchase! The shade arrived mid week and is in mint condition! Thanks again for your help."
Berkshire, UK 

"I would just like to say that your crafts are amazing - I am amazed by the sheer beauty of them all. I will be persuading, lying, stealing and in heartache until I can buy some of these pieces. Amazing and well done! A breath of fresh air from so much dross, and I never knew so much was out there in the UK!"
East Sussex, UK 

"The (Lily) lights have been delivered and I must say they are completely fabulous. Thanks, I will be ordering some more shortly!"
London, UK 

"I can't thank you enough for coming down to Dorset and sorting me out. As mentioned before, the purpose made dinner ware (Guinevere, Tenterden and Gabriela) that we bought from your esteemed self for entertaining is quite splendid and does the establishment really well. Huge thanks."
Dorchester, UK 

"I have received the Lotus light and it is perfect!!! Thank you very much for all your kind help. I am very pleased!"
Oslo, Norway 

"The delivery was very efficient and the (MyStyle) chairs are perfect. Thank you very much for your superb service."
Dorset, UK 

"We are very pleased with the Lucas lights - they have "en-lightened" our living room to great effect! Lots of compliments too - so thanks again, also for the excellent service received including delivery..."
Burgess Hill, UK 

"I was a happy fellow when I found your website and I am well pleased at the thought of possessing some of the magnificent items in your collection. Some truly beautiful and really funky works of art that I have never seen around before. I'm chuffed to have made contact with yourself and been helped towards a final purchase which will improve my new life considerably and on several fronts. Huge thanks, I've enjoyed the process immensely and hope that when I've moved we can do it again on a larger scale!"
Dorchester, UK 

"I am grateful for your help and such excellent service. It is always nice to have a personal service."
London, UK 

"Thank you very much. I am very impressed with your efforts to help the customer."

"I am delighted to see your website and I can see that you show very exclusive products. I am happy there are companies like yours with this type of concept. One can only hope that people get aware of the wonderful work which exists besides mass production."
Copenhagen, Denmark 

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