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Vintage French 1940's Glass Shade Pendant Cluster Chandelier    

The Golden Hour is all about light. It is that hour of the day, just before the sun sets, when the light is at its most stunning, bathing everything in warm golden yellow. It is the most soothing and beautiful light and it lifts your soul.

This pendant composition uses four stunning and rare vintage 1940's French glass lamp shades. The frosted, etched and gilded surface details are beautifully accentuated by the emitted light (here small LED pygmy bulbs) for a really warm golden effect. The gilding is very slightly worn in places and there are the inevitable tiny signs of ageing, but these only enhance the profound beauty of these truly unique and most lovely of vintage glass lamp shades. 


SUSPENSION:  bulb holders, 4-point ceiling canopy, ceiling hooks

FLEX:  braided textile, 200cm per pendant

BULB:  240V E14 (bulbs not included)

LEAD TIME:  3-4 weeks from order


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