French Vintage 1970's Brass and Opaline Glass Chandelier Pendant Light


Pretty 1970's French vintage 3-arm chandelier pendant light in brass with white opaline glass shades decorated with tiny pink and gold roses and leaf wreaths. A small painted ceramic ball at the base of each arm features the same decoration. This small and very cute pendant is in excellent vintage condition, with no dulling, pitting or other markings to the metal surface. There are only the slightest marks to some of the shade collars, invisible under the brass rim of their holders and the tiny gilded leaves are very slightly worn in places.  

Condition: excellent

  • slightest marks to some of the shade collars (invisible under brass rim)

  • occasional very slight wear to the floral decoration 


PRODUCT:  vintage 1970's chandelier pendant light

MATERIAL:  brass, ceramic, glass

SIZE:  55cm height x 33cm diameter

FLEX:  original 3-core wiring

BULB:  240V, E14 (bulbs not included)

LEAD TIME:  approx. 2 weeks from order.

PRODUCT CODE:  C70-19122




Price includes mainland EU delivery.

For UK or export orders outside the EU, please email us for a delivery quote.

You may incur customs duties on export orders outside the EU.

UK:  (+44) 01926 772217

FRANCE:  (+33) 05 49 22 81 27

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