Custom 5.5m Acrylic Chandeliers, Vereyskaya Plaza, Moscow

In 2016, Studio Sander Mulder installed eight custom-sized Therese chandeliers at the Vereyskaya Plaza in Moscow.

The process took a year and the studio took care of the entire project - from visualisation, technical drawings, custom fittings and electronics and pre-assembly of the lamps to final assembly and installation on site.

With a 5.5m diameter and 3.5m height, these huge chandeliers weigh about 1000kg each.
They are made of acrylic, stainless steel and aluminium.

The eight Therese XXXL chandeliers are powered by a total of 40.000 RGBW LEDs with a max. of 960 Watt, which can be operated by smartphone or wall-mounted touch screen enabling the LEDs colour or light intensity to be changed as and when required.

If one or more custom-sized Therese acrylic chandeliers are of interest to your project, please contact us.

You can find standard sized Therese chandeliers for your home or hospitality interior here.


UK:  (+44) 01926 772217

FRANCE:  (+33) 05 49 22 81 27

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