Classic Shape Acrylic Chandelier by Sander Mulder


THERESE Classic Shape Acrylic Chandelier by Sander Mulder

Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2008 

Sander Mulder's contemporary Therese chandelier shows a deeply traditional silhouette, but the traditional crystal is substituted by contemporary clear polycarbonate giving a striking twist to this classic chandelier. Using highly accurate CNC milling techniques, Therese is created with 16 transparent acrylic contours illuminated by a central fluorescent bulb which emits a softly glowing magical light through the chandelier's entire body to dazzling, spectacular effect.
Therese is available in two sizes in either a neutral white or tailored with 8 different colour filters.


View the installation of several custom made 5.5m diameter Therese chandeliers in the Vereyskaya Plaza in Moscow.


PRICES (excl. delivery)


THERESE large chandelier  €1610
THERESE extra large chandelier  €1883

Therese Acrylic Chandelier Sander Mulder