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It was always about lighting. SIMPLY FABULOUS LIGHTING.

Lighting has always been the most interesting aspect of interior design for me, simply because it really makes or breaks whatever else you want to do with your space. And so, after several active years in the field of interior design, I decided it was time to put my personal choice of interior lighting together and in 2006 the fledgling Within4Walls Lighting and Interiors Collection switched into live mode. Every entrepreneur knows how super exciting that stage is - your very first beautiful website, sleek business cards and promotional literature, shouting your new presence off the rooftops and then finally making your first sales after solid months of PR and marketing. 

We have always offered many lovely pieces, but those early years brought something very special: revolutionary, mind-blowingly complex, ultra high-tech 3D-Printed light objects, which had just been unveiled to the world by our Belgian and Amsterdam-based partners MGX and Freedom of Creation. The technology itself was not entirely new but a few clever designers figured they wanted to use it to create light objects and alas, 2D designs were translated into 3D software and layer by layer the first light jewels were 'grown' in a tank. The incredible beauty of these lights and the sheer complexity of the production process took the design world's breath away. We were passionately devoted and knew we wanted not just the 'insiders' but everyone from Inverness to St. Annes Head and from Tokyo to Timbuktu to learn about these light creations and be able to purchase them. In fact, it was a case of total fascination. We became the UK agent for the MGX brand and at that time the 3D-Printed collection we offered must have been the largest in Europe and quite possibly in the world. But in technical development terms this was a long time ago - digital technologies have moved on rapidly and production of most of these iconic early light designs has now ceased. 


We just LOVE lighting.
Nothing will ever beat a pure white candle -  the most primitive, romantic and beautiful light in all its raw elemental beauty - but since our humble beginnings many very fine and exquisite light creations have been part of our collection and we have been so proud of each and every one of them. The Within4Walls Collection, although, or perhaps because of being very select, has remained unrivalled. 

For me, the best time of the day is early evening when daylight diminishes and I can cocoon myself in the pure delight of switching on the indoor lights. I honestly cannot understand how anyone can possibly prefer a single naked light bulb dangling from the ceiling. Seriously, are you for real?? Beautiful ambient lighting brings tranquility and shelter. It relaxes your mind and your soul, like soft soothing music does. Lighting makes or breaks a mood - and don't we all need it to be the best?