Aluminium Pendant Light by Ilanel


SUPERNOVA Aluminium Pendant Light by Ilanel

Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2017 

A star explodes in catastrophic destruction with an extreme increase in brightness. A new star is born - it's an end and it's a beginning. Ilanel's Supernova pendant shows a complex formation of obscure and luminous facets hovering in space, emitting its bright LED light into its surrounding space. Its light, shadow, movement and stability represent a frozen moment of this extreme explosive energy. Designed to hover weightlessly in space, Supernova captures that magic moment with intent, bringing quiet drama to a space.


Available in circular and linear version in several sizes and colour finishes.  


PRICES (excl. delivery)


SUPERNOVA 500  €1876

SUPERNOVA 700  €2632
SUPERNOVA 900  €3388
SUPERNOVA linear 1800  €3054



Supernova Facetted LED Pendant Light Ilanel