Sculptural Chain Chandelier by Christian Lava for Terzani

STREAM Sculptural Chain Chandelier and Pendant Light by Christian Lava for Terzani

Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2015

The stunning, superbly streamlined Stream chandelier uses more than 7000 meters (yes, that's 7km or nearly 4.5 miles) of fine nickel chain for it's flowing, softly curved body. In a similar way to the Atlantis chandelier, the design uses the physical characteristics of the flexible chain to create its beautiful shape which streams down in gentle cascades, the delicate gauze formed by fine chain links which softly filter the light emitted from within. The Stream chandelier, in all its shapes and sizes, floods rooms with a unique light quality and makes a dramatic and spectacular light feature. 
Entirely and painstakingly handmade, each Stream chandelier is individually numbered.

We offer Stream as a chandelier and a pendant light in various sizes and in polished nickel, black nickel and gold plated finishes. Please note that the light will be produced and supplied to your exact required drop length and that onsite adjustments are not possible.
It is possible to fit the light with LEDs (light bulbs are not included).

Stream Draped Chain Chandelier Terzani