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Glass and Aluminium Table Light by Ilanel


STELLA Glass and Aluminium Table Light by Ilanel

Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2018 

Stars are defined as heavenly bodies appearing as fixed luminous points in the night sky. Crowned and protected by twelve golden rays, Stella's glass sphere shines serenely like a silent heavenly sentinel, a star, a guiding beacon of light. Super aesthetic Stella, Latin for star, is one of Ilan's latest light creations. The design uses mouth-blown glass and gold anodised aluminium for its strong shape and beautiful composure and, as the perfect finishing touch, a small golden sphere to neatly weigh down the woven fabric flex.


Gorgeous Stella with its clean lines, its perfect proportions and its mystical aura is available as a table light and can be produced to custom sizes. Turned upside down, Stella forms a pendant light. Contact us if you require further information.

Stella Golden Rays Glass Orb Table Light Ilanel
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