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Large Aluminium Flute Sconce Wall Light by Ilanel


STARDUST Aluminium Outdoor Wall Sconce by Ilanel

Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2018

Ilan's highly successful RAIN design concept returns in the dramatic large Stardust outdoor wall light.
Dream-like and romantic, yet also hard-edged and functional, matte black Stardust resembles slices of night sky strewn with the lights of distant galaxies. Beautiful light patterns resembling star dust are created by the flute perforations and, as these wall sconces are suitable for in or outdoor use, Stardust creates a super stylish and magical welcome for your guests.  

This large outdoor wall sconce can be produced to custom sizes, please contact us with your requirements.

Stardust Large Aluminium Exterior Wall Light Ilanel
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