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The Original Shoal Sculptural Bone China Fish Chandelier by Scabetti

SHOAL Sculptural Bone China Fish Chandelier by Dominic and Frances Bromley for Scabetti

Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2007 

The bait-ball phenomenon, where a mass of fish act as one to protect themselves against predators, has been brilliantly captured in Dominic and Frances Bromley`s development of Shoal. 
For the Shoal Chandelier, the simple form of the fish is duplicated in a swarm of finely cast stylised fish, circling and spiralling as one around a central light beam. Available in several cluster compositions, the Shoal chandelier is made up of a number of bone china fish strung by hand around a central beam of light. Each fish originates from a design delicately sculpted in clay and reproduced in fine bone china in the Potteries in North Staffordshire, central England. The natural translucency of the bone china body accentuates the detail in the fish and brings an added dimension to this beautiful sculptural work of art. 

The ceramic fish are held on fine white nylon-coated steel line suspended from an handmade steel framework powder coated in a white finish. There are two methods of ceiling suspension for your Shoal, dependent on your ceiling and desired distance between this and the Shoal frame. Both methods are adjustable. Shoal also uses two different types of light source according to the chandelier size - a single or triple point light source as appropriate to the scale of Shoal you choose. Please see the below SPECS sheet for details.


We offer Shoal in a series of 8 skilfully handmade chandeliers of varying dimensions, each named using the approximate number of fish incorporated in the design. Each chandelier fitting includes the readily strung formation of fish, a bone china ceiling rose, steel line suspension system and the central light. The distance from the ceiling is fully adjustable.
Shoal is packaged for arrival as a complete sculpture with fully illustrated instructions to guide you through its unveiling and installation. A full installation service is available for bespoke sizes on request. Alternatively, Shoal can be supplied as a sculpture only, to fit around your existing light source.

Shoal can be produced in a range of formations and alternative compositions - view some dramatic Shoal installations HERE. For bespoke, tailored commissions, we are happy to work to your budget or quote for a creation that meets your needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Shoal Bone China Fish Chandelier Scabetti
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