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Aluminium Flute LED Chandelier and Pendant Light by Ilanel


RAIN Aluminium Flute LED Chandelier and Pendant Light by Ilanel 


Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2011

The multi-sensory LED Rain chandelier captures the sparkle of raindrops frozen in descent. Delicate strings of rippling LED light reflections combine in a unique chandelier of sleek design brilliance to uplift your soul and enlighten your spirit. The Rain chandelier makes a stunningly delicate and elegant light feature - over tables in residential dining rooms and restaurants, as ambient or accent lighting in living rooms, in linear configurations or clusters over bars and kitchen islands and as large LED chandelier configurations in lobbies, reception areas and other public spaces.

Rain drops are extruded, linished and anodised perforated aluminium flute pendants, housing a single LED bulb. Individual drops are visually quite subtle but gain tremendous strength when multiplied and clustered into large Rain clouds which float and sparkle in the spaces in which they have been installed. Rain chandeliers are limited to a maximum drop of 2000mm. Should you require a very tall chandelier, consider using HEAVY RAIN which features larger flutes but can be configured to create spectacular cascading waterfalls and streams of any drop length.

Rain cloud units can be joined in endless configurations to form huge Rain chandeliers in astonishing displays of dazzling LED light. In order to create these Rain chandeliers, the cloud units can be installed either separately (with individual drivers) joined together in any configuration you like, or we can supply a convenient backing plate for the Rain chandelier configuration of your choice, which will offer ease of installation needing only one single feed. Anodised colour finishes are silver, champagne and gold - custom finishes are available by request.

We are Ilanel's European agent and will be delighted to assist you with your enquiries.   

Rain Cloud Chandelier Ilanel
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