Aluminium LED Pendant Downlight by Kai Byok



PIANI RONDO Aluminium LED Pendant Downlight by Kai Byok

Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2015

Kai Byok's brilliant Piani light family of super elegant aluminium LED pendants includes Piani Rondo, a sleek ring of solid 8mm aluminium.

Piani Rondo's basic geometric form perfectly answers to the Piani series' design concept: to create almost three-dimensional, highly aesthetic sculptural lighting. Like all the other Piani members, this pendant ring of light with its perfectly milled and mirror-polished aluminium body is held by braided tin-plated copper cables, which also carry the power supply. Piani Rondo's geometrical shape in all its basic mathematical simplicity speaks strongly but with a profound serenity.

This beautiful pendant is available in four sizes and colour finishes and for the Piano Rondo28/48/68 you can choose between a flat and a deep ceiling canopy.


All Piani models include a reverse phase dimmer.


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PIANI RONDO 28 pendant light
PIANI RONDO 48 pendant light 
PIANI RONDO 68 pendant light 
PIANI RONDO 98 pendant light 











Piani Rondo Circular Aluminium Pendant Light Byok