Aluminium LED Pendant Light by Kai Byok




PIANI LUNGO Aluminium LED Pendant Light by Kai Byok

Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2015

The super sleek, super elegant and super classy Piani Lungo LED downlight pendant is one of the shining jewels in Kai Byok's Piani Light series which follows a brilliant design concept.

For Piani Lungo, solid 8mm aluminium plates are milled to shape to create the design's soft curves and then hand polished until the room is reflected in its joint and screw free surface. Suspended by tin-plated braided copper cables which also carry the power supply it supplies top quality radiance combined with unsurpassed delicacy.
Piani Lungo with its length of 96, 140 or 195 cm is ideal for every task, producing a homogeneous lighting effect on tables of up to 3 m in length. The ten, fourteen or twenty glare-free LEDs generate 2.850, 3.990 or 5.700 lumen at warm-white 2,700 K. This humble, profoundly aesthetic pendant radiates serenity and is perfect anywhere - from old buildings to the post-modern, from the kitchen to the conference room. 


All Piani models include a reverse phase dimmer.

Piani Lungo German Design Award Special 2017







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PIANI LUNGO 96 pendant light 

PIANI LUNGO 140 pendant light
PIANI LUNGO 195 pendant light

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