Geometric Woven Frame Pendant Light by Ilanel

KAHDU Geometric Woven Frame Pendant Light by Ilanel

Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2017 

The design for Kahdu was inspired by the 1960s Op Art movement which used strong abstract patterns and optical illusions like linear movement, dazzle, line interference and reversible perspective. Kahdu applies these concepts by using a fine wire frame to support the high impact mathematical pattern created by french satin trim.

With their visually striking pattern, the handcrafted Kahdu lampshades play with the senses. The lines are very mathematical, but they dance and interact with one another and give the impression of movement and depth, turning the statue into a living, breathing thing. 

A bold light for a beautifully bold light statement.   


PRICES (excl. delivery)


KAHDU 412D pendant light  €998
KAHDU 750D pendant light  €749 
KAHDU 600D pendant light  €665 

KAHDU 400 pendant light  €446
KAHDU 600 pendant light  €665 
KAHDU 800 pendant light  €900 

KAHDU 634 pendant light  €749 
KAHDU 845 pendant light  €976 
KAHDU 365 pendant light  €522 

KAHDU 413 pendant light  €1051 
KAHDU 644 pendant light  €598 



Kahdu 80 Geometric Woven Frame Pendant Light Ilanel