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Pyrex Glass Wall Light by Michele de Lucchi for Produzione Privata


IPY PARETE Pyrex Glass Wall Light by Michele de Lucchi for Produzione Privata

Michele De Lucchi's Ipy lights were made by skilfully blowing and forming Pyrex glass tubes, the conical forms of the Ipy shades controlled manually and made by expansion of flame-heated glass. Borosilicate glass displays a beautiful sheen, has a superb transparency, high durability and great versatility. Ipy Parete's wall light design is reduced to basics and to the sheer essentials of contemporary design but at the same time maintains a poetry all of its own. 
Ipy Parete is now no longer produced but we have a few ex-show lights in clear, transparent green and satin finishes available in excellent condition and to truly special offer prices.

PRODUCT:  wall lamp

MATERIAL:  pyrex glass, powder coated metal 

SIZE:  shade 130mm height x 130mm diameter, wall plate 30mm depth x 83mm diameter  

COLOURS:  transparent, transparent green, frosted

BULB:  240V E14 

€398 (excl. delivery) 

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