Aluminium Flute LED Chandelier and Pendant Light by Ilanel


HEAVY RAIN Aluminium Flute LED Chandelier and Pendant Light by Ilanel


Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2012

A light rain can turn into a sheer monsoon and, much in the same way, the Heavy Rain chandelier takes the Rain light concept a step further. The larger Heavy Rain flutes have a more urgent and dramatic visual impact and are better suited for larger or taller spaces. Heavy Rain chandeliers make spectacular light features, with flutes clustered in large groups or long multi-storey cascades. As seen with the smaller RAIN flutes, the LED light is dispersed through tiny perforations along the length of each flute, creating sparkling ripples of light. You can mix silver, champagne and gold flutes or have a uniformly finished Heavy Rain downpour; it is entirely up to you!

The Heavy Rain chandelier uses G9 LED bulbs, which eliminates the need for installing LED drivers. Canopies are circular or rectangular, but hexagonal and cloud units are also available and can be joined in endless configurations to form huge Heavy Rain Clouds.


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PRICES (excl. delivery)


HEAVY RAIN single flute (set of 3)  €871

HEAVY RAIN 3-flute round canopy  €1036 

HEAVY RAIN 6-flute round canopy  €1663  

HEAVY RAIN 6-flute cloud canopy  €1489
HEAVY RAIN 6-flute hex canopy  €1489

HEAVY RAIN 10-flute round canopy  €2866 

HEAVY RAIN 10-flute rect canopy  €2646



Heavy Rain Aluminium Flute LED Chandelier Ilanel