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SLS Pendant Lamp by Gabriel & Evenhuis

FARUNO SLS Pendant Lamp by Gabriel & Evenhuis

Faruno forms part of a series of 3D-printed lights, produced when digital technologies were first used to create stunning lighting objects. Faruno, Esperanto for flour, is produced in one piece without any seams or joining parts and shows the incredible possibilities digital printing offers. It is one of our favourite icons of the early 21st Century 3D-printing era.
We have one ex-show Faruno pendant light in excellent condition available to a great offer price.

PRODUCT:  pendant lamp

MATERIAL:  SLS polyamide (nylon), aluminium

SIZE:  170mm height x 190mm diameter
DROP:  max. 1600mm 

COLOUR:  white

BULB:  240V E27

€297 (excl. delivery) 

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