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The collection of velvet and sheer curtain panels presented here recreates the rich splendour of eras gone by. Embellished with ornate scroll and other decorative designs, these sumptuous curtains bring immediate dramatic grandeur and have been used in many well-known films such as Moulin Rouge and Harry Potter, epic cult TV series like Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders and other lush period productions.

Most of the velvet curtains have matching sheer panels to create beautiful window or door dressing, room partitioning or bed enclosures. Available in lengths of up to 5 meters, the appliqué designs can be adapted to suit custom curtain panel sizes and be used to continue the decorative theme by creating matching bedspreads, runners or pelmets. And with a large range of fabric colours to choose from, you can make these stunning drapes entirely your own. You can find more general information on the curtain and sheer panels HERE.

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