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Sculptural Bone China Chandelier by Scabetti


DRAWN TO THE LIGHT Bone China Chandelier by Dominic and Frances Bromley for Scabetti 

Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2006 

Contemporary and with a distinct feeling of grandeur, Drawn To The Light is a most captivating and elegant light.
A cluster of delicate pure white bone china pendants are suspended concentrically around a single light source, casting enchanting shadows around walls and ceiling. The pendants are slip-cast and then fired with a clear gloss glaze in order to increase the natural translucency of the bone china and to accentuate their form and surface pattern. Positioned in a geometric pattern, they can freely rotate 360 degrees yet still float close to each other. The forms are also available in coloured glass or black basalt, creating a very different ambience.
The bulb holder has a bone china cover. The standard moulded ceiling rose, which is also the suspension plate for the hanging forms, has been designed to fix to a flat ceiling through fixing holes. We offer a standard polished ceiling plate for the high Drawn To The Light and a white ceiling plate for the low Drawn To The Light, but it is also available in bespoke materials such as solid oak and can be modified to suit its environment, allowing the luminaire to be suspended from e.g. a pitched roof.

We offer you Drawn To The Light in circular clusters of different sizes, but the tessellation of the bone china pieces allows the sculpture to be adapted to other configurations, and the creation of bespoke formations such as diamond or rectangular clusters can be developed on request. Drawn To The Light is supplied with a single E27 lamp holder, wired with clear flex, and dimming of the light is possible depending upon the type of bulb chosen. Drawn To The Light can also be supplied as a sculpture only.

Prices shown are for standard bone china clusters. For glass and black basalt versions, or for bespoke solutions, please contact us to discuss your requirements and to obtain a price quote.

Drawn To The Light Bone China Pendant Chandelier Scabetti
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