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1970's French Vintage Domed Pendant Light


Large heavy 1970's vintage glass pendant light with a decorative finely speckled aubergine border on the inner side of the dome, along the scalloped edge and the central collar, with yellow specks in between. The pattern is much less defined on the outside of the semi-opaque glass dome, where it creates a mere soft shading. 

We use an LED spot here, which gives a good crisp direct downlight whilst also gently illuminating the dome from within without causing glares.  

Condition: excellent

  • one or two near invisible marks on lamp shade

PRODUCT:  vintage 1970's glass pendant light

MATERIALS:  mouth-blown glass

SIZE:  14cm height x 34cm diameter

FLEX:  dark brown braided textile 150cm

SUSPENSION:  vintage finish bulb holder and canopy

BULB:  240V E27 (bulb not included)

LEAD TIME:  2-3 weeks from order.

PRODUCT CODE:  P70-19810


€146 (excl. delivery)

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