SLS Table Light by One & Co

CON_SEQUENCE.MGX SLS Table Light by One & Co

This remarkable piece, part of the world-renowned MGX collection, shows what 3D-printing can create.
The light emitted by the Con_Sequence.MGX lamp gradually increases in intensity as it approaches the table surface, generating a grounded glow that is both intriguing and intimate. The beauty of the object stems from its gradually developing chain pattern and the resultant cast light - unique transitions, from geometrical to organic and from solid to intertwined, which define this lamp. The solid-to-chain link idea is taken to another level, whereby the flexible links are no longer contained within a solid frame. As a consequence they are exposed and become the centre of attention as they taper down and grow out-wards, gracefully resting on the table surface.
We have one last (ex-show) Con_Sequence.MGX table light in perfect condition available to an amazing price. 

PRODUCT:  table light

MATERIAL:  SLS polyamide (nylon)

SIZE:  269mm height x 184mm diameter

COLOUR:  white

BULB:  12V halogen GY6,35, max. 50W



Price includes mainland EU delivery. 

For UK or export orders outside the EU, please email us for a delivery quote.

You may incur customs duties on export orders outside the EU.

UK:  (+44) 01926 772217

FRANCE:  (+33) 05 49 22 81 27

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