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1940's French Vintage Chandelier


Striking original 1940's vintage chandelier with great character, hovering in space in perfect balance.
The central frame is formed by a large cone carrying a polished wood finial. From this core, four wide spread arms hold the clouded and gilded 'verre de Clichy' buttermilk shades, which light up in a beautiful translucent light golden. The chandelier frame uses both brass plated aluminium and steel parts and in itself is quite light in weight.
The chandelier height is fixed. 

Condition: excellent

  • some marks on plating

  • tiny dent on central cone

  • comes with existing 2-core wiring

PRODUCT:  vintage 1940's chandelier

MATERIAL:  brass-plated aluminium, brass plated steel, wood, glass

SIZE:  60cm height x 60cm diameter

SUSPENSION:  original suspension and 2-core wiring

BULB:  240V, BC22 x 4 (bulbs not included)

LEAD TIME:  2-3 weeks from order.

PRODUCT CODE:  C50-19831


€226 (excl. delivery)

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