Porcelain Pendant Light by Ulrika Jarl

BRIGHTLIGHT Porcelain Pendant Light by Ulrika Jarl

Earlier in her career, Ulrika used to produce each of her lovely Brightlight pendants by hand, using extrusion methods to create their whirling porcelain surface whose nest-like texture filters the emitted light in a beautiful way.  
Now no longer produced, we have an ex-show Brightlight available in excellent condition and to an amazing price. 

PRODUCT:  pendant lamp

MATERIAL:  extruded porcelain, aluminium

SIZE:  300mm height x 120mm diameter
DROP:  660mm

COLOUR:  white

BULB:  240V BC22 



Price includes mainland EU delivery. 

For UK or export orders outside the EU, please email us for a delivery quote.

You may incur customs duties on export orders outside the EU.

UK:  (+44) 01926 772217

FRANCE:  (+33) 05 49 22 81 27

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