Aluminium Flute LED Chandelier and Pendant Light by Ilanel

BLACK RAIN Aluminium Flute LED Chandelier and Pendant Light by Ilanel

Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2012 

A downpour of Black Rain is a dramatic sight - dark and edgy but also sublimely elegant and super stylish. 
The ambient Black Rain chandelier features elongated light drops finished in a sensuous satin black with exposed linished interiors which enhance and retract illumination. A sequence of slots wraps around each Black Rain drop and throws softly streaked patterns on its surroundings. The ceiling canopy for the Black Rain chandelier is kept in a matching black and the flex is braided in black cotton.
The 650mm tall Black Rain drops make striking single pendants, but compositions of multiple Black Rain drops cascading down from the ceiling make for breathtaking displays. The Black Rain chandelier's sleek design makes an utterly stunning feature installation for your contemporary residential or corporate interior. Do contact us with your ideas or requirements - we will be delighted to discuss your project with you.


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BLACK RAIN single flute pendant

BLACK RAIN single flute (set of 3) 

BLACK RAIN 3-flute round canopy 

BLACK RAIN 5-flute round canopy 

BLACK RAIN 10-flute round canopy 

BLACK RAIN 10-flute rect canopy 



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