Sculptural Chain Chandelier by Barlas Baylar for Terzani


ATLANTIS Sculptural Chain Chandelier by Barlas Baylar for Terzani

Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2010

The magnificent, jaw-dropping Atlantis chandelier uses about 4000 meters (yes, that's 4km or nearly 3 miles!) of softly draped nickel chain to form its mesmerising, highly sculptural body. Like a flowing waterfall, the chain waves cascade down in fluid elegance, turning back onto themselves before reaching the abyss.

The chandelier shows how soft and flowing an otherwise extremely hard material such as metal can be when used as small parts interlinked into a flexible sequence. A curtain of fine metal chains is quite evocative and makes us want to touch - its sheer delicacy resembles a gauze and indeed the waves of Atlantis almost look like transparent silk. Between 6 and 10 halogen bulbs provide a sparkling bright light source, but the waves filter the light radiating from within in such brilliance that the entire creation seems to come alive and resemble a shimmering organic body of energy, much like a deep sea organism lighting up in bioluminescence.
The Atlantis chandelier floods rooms with a light quality unlike any other and makes one of the most dramatic and spectacular light features available today. Entirely and painstakingly handmade, each piece is individually numbered and unique.

We offer Atlantis in two shapes and in various sizes, in either a polished nickel, black polished nickel or gold finish.
Please note light bulbs are not included.


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ATLANTIS chandelier from €13,375 - further prices O/A

Atlantis Draped Chain Chandelier Terzani