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Porcelain Chandelier and Pendant Light by Ilanel


ARUM Porcelain Chandelier and Pendant Light by Ilanel

Part of the Within4Walls Collection since 2015


Simplicity of form in one of the best porcelains available - the noble, highly translucent and pure white Southern Ice porcelain.
The Arum lily in all its pure, graceful beauty provided the inspiration for the design of the delicate Arum chandelier. Lovingly handcrafted in a rather laborious and complex production process, this elegant light will find itself at ease in both residential or corporate environments. Arum pendants clustered in small or larger groups take on a presence of unequaled beauty.

Each Arum pendant uses a bakelite lamp holder and a choice of either teflon coated or white twisted cotton braided flex. We offer you Arum as a single pendant, a three-shade cluster as well as a five-shade and ten-shade chandelier, or you can specify an Arum bouquet or bespoke chandelier of any size you like.
Contact us should you require any of the clusters in a mixed colour finish, or need any custom size or number of shades.

Arum Southern Ice Pendant Light Ilanel
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