Contemporary-Vintage 1950's Glass Shades Pendant Composition 


There was a hugely popular 1960-70's Dutch children's television series called "Pipo de Clown", which told about the adventures of Pipo and his wife Mamaloe who travelled through the country in their gorgeously romantic 'pipowagen'. When I found these jolly vintage shades, their quirky style instantly reminded me of the Pipo of my Dutch childhood. I also thought that a contemporary Mamaloe may well have happily chosen the lights for her little bohemian home. 

These three shades are all that's left of a large French 1950's vintage ceiling light which used 6 shades in total in upright position. The surface detail design is not unlike that of the shades used in "FIFTY-FIVE", but here conical brass finials fused to the vertex form an integral part of this wonderful clown's lamp shade design.  

  • Shades used: ST-169 / ST-170

  • Suspension:  bulb holders, 3-point ceiling canopy, ceiling hooks

  • Flex:  braided textile 200cm per pendant

  • Bulb:  240V E14 (bulbs not included)

  • Lead time:  approx. 2-3 weeks from order

  • Product code:  P3-19729

  • €313


Price includes mainland EU delivery.

For UK or export orders outside the EU, please contact us for a delivery quote.

You may incur customs duties on export orders outside the EU.

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